Guest Info

  • Cell Phone Policy
    • Cell Phone Talking Policy

      Cell phones are permitted on Club property, however the Club has a strict "no talking" cell phone policy. Cell phone usage for the purpose of a phone call is permitted in designated areas only. Those areas are, the parking lot, and men’s and women’s locker rooms.  Talking on a cell phone is prohibited in all other areas of the Club.

      Cell phones are permitted at the sports facilities: tennis courts, golf course and practice facilities, however the Club has a "no sound" policy when using any type of electronic device. No electronic beeping, ringing or other sound from an electronic device of any kind is allowed. In the Clubhouse, Fitness Facility, Pool Areas, Tennis and Golf Pro Shops, texting, web browsing and electronic readers are permitted. Children are permitted to watch movies or games on an iPad or iPhone with “no sound”.

  • Dress Code
    • A. Golf Attire

      Proper golf attire must be worn by all persons on the golf course as well as the driving range and practice facilities. This rule applies to all Resident members, Limited members, Junior members, and children of members and their guests. This includes: 

      Soft Spike shoes only
      Collared shirts or mock turtle necks for men
      No “jeans” of any color
      No short shorts, cut-offs or cargo shorts may be worn
      Men’s and boys’ shirts must be tucked in
      No hats may be worn backwards

      B. Pool Attire

      Persons in swimming attire are limited to the pool, playground, and snack bar area. Members and their guests are permitted to sit on the new Pool Terrace in cover-ups.  No cover ups or bathing suits will be permitted inside the bar/restaurant.  Cover-ups and shoes must be worn when eating at the snack bar. Members who reside at the Club, however, may go through the Clubhouse to the pool area in bathing attire under proper cover-ups.

      C. Tennis Attire

      All players must wear proper tennis sneakers and regular tennis attire. Children 16 years old and under may wear tennis appropriate t-shirts. Players wearing improper sneakers or improper attire will not be permitted use of the courts.

      Tennis Shoes appropriate for Har-Tru courts (not basketball, jogging or training shoes) are required for everyone over the age of 12.

      Collared or non-collared tennis shirts for men and boys (anything sold in the Pro Shop or of similar style is appropriate).

      D. Dining Room Attire

      Members and their guests are expected to wear appropriate attire at all times when dining at the Club during the various events.

      The following dress codes apply:
      A = Black Tie
      B = Jacket and Tie
      C = Jacket, Tie Optional, Collared Shirts
      D = No Jacket, No Tie (slacks/collared shirts for men)
      E = No Jacket or Tie (Bermuda length shorts permitted)

      Please check the Club calendar for the Dress Code of the evening. 

      1.  For the season of 2017, the rules committee has revised the blue jean policy.  “Blue jeans in good taste” may now be worn during the summer 2017 season for lunch Tuesday through Sunday, for dining on Wednesday through Friday nights, Sunday nights and when permitted during special events. “Blue jeans in good taste” are defined as denim that is not excessively faded and is free of rips, tears or holes. “Blue jeans in good taste” are never allowed on the golf course, golf practice areas or tennis courts.

      2.  During lunch, proper tennis and golf attire will be permitted. Proper dress is expected for women, as well. Informal sportswear may be worn anywhere in the Clubhouse and on the grounds until 6:30 p.m.  Such attire includes that which would be acceptable on the tennis courts or on the golf course, including Bermuda length shorts.

      3.  Men must wear collared shirts in the Dining Room at all times. Bermuda length shorts with collared shirts tucked into their shorts are allowed. Bermuda length shorts are not allowed for dinner in the Dining Room, with the exception of Sunday evenings. Cargo pants or shorts are not permitted.  Rubber flip-flops in the Dining Room are not permitted for lunch or dinner, for either men or women.  Baseball caps are not permitted in the Dining Room.  Visors or fashion hats for women are permitted in the Dining Room. Baseball Caps will be permitted to be worn in all of the Club’s outdoor dining facilities. Short shorts, cut-off jeans, tank tops, or running shorts are not permitted in the Clubhouse. 

      4.  Bathing attire and cover-ups of any kind are not permitted in the Clubhouse and Clubhouse dining areas.

      5.  Fitness and exercise clothes shall not be worn in the Main Clubhouse or Clubhouse Dining Venues.  They may be worn in appropriate areas such as the fitness center, locker room areas, snack bar and pool areas.

      6.  The dress code for FCC events, theme and member parties will be established and published in advance of the event.

      7.  Members are responsible for informing their guests of dress rules.  Guests will not be permitted to use the Club facilities if they are not properly attired.

  • Guest Rules

      A. Guest Rules for Golf

      1. A guest may not play golf at the Club more than six (6) times per year. Member-Guest Tournaments and special functions as designated by the President, or his/her designee, are exceptions to this rule.

      2. Members may have up to three (3) guests on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays before 1:00 p.m. between the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend through the Monday of Labor Day weekend at the discretion of the starter.

      B. Guest Rules for Tennis (including Paddle)

      1. On Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays, guests shall not be permitted the use of the courts between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. if members are waiting to play, unless such guest is an immediate family member.

      2. Guests, including those in the immediate family, shall not be permitted the use of the courts more than twice within any thirty (30) day period, except by special permission of the President or his/her designee, the Tennis Professional or the Tennis Committee Chairperson, unless such guest is a participant in a tournament, match or interclub play.

      C. Guest Rules for the Pool

      1. The same guest may not be permitted the use of the pool more than twice in any thirty (30) day period on weekends. The exception is that caregivers may have unlimited pool guest privileges subject to Pool Rules for Children and subject to a guest fee.

      2. Guest fees are required for all guests, including caregivers. There are no guest fees for members’ grandchildren under age 6.

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